Did you know, instead of sending a test email from your email marketing system to yourself and your colleagues, you can simply send it to create a proof in PageProof? Email proofing is quick and easy, and as long as your email marketing tool can send a test email to any email address, you can then send a test into PageProof.

Email marketing systems such as: Mailchimp, Emma, Ontraport, Sender, Zoho Campaign, SendInBlue, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign etc are all supported – just to name a few.

To create an email proof

Step 1

Click the file dropper icon and select Email.

Step 2

In the set-up screen, click copy next to the email address. You will need this email address to send your test email to.

Go to your email marketing tool of choice, and send the test email to this email address. PageProof will then receive this email and the setup screen will update with a thumbnail, and the subject line of the email as your proof name.

Step 3

Complete all the details as you usually would to set up the proof:

  • Proof name

  • Adding any additional tags (for example a job number, project name or client name)

  • Setting a due date and time that you want to receive the feedback by

  • Adding an optional message to reviewers

Then choose a workflow or create a workflow from scratch – whichever you prefer and click send proof.

Tip: If you forget to copy the email address and have sent out your proof, click the i icon on the proof tile in your outbox and copy the email address from the proof’s info pane.

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