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Create a proof from a attachment
Create a proof from a attachment

Creating a proof directly from has never been so easy with the PageProof and integration, and the PageProof Item view.

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You can easily create a proof directly from a file attachment. Before you begin make sure your team administrator has connected and PageProof together.

Creating a proof from a file attachment

Step 1

On your board, make sure you have the file column enabled.

If you don’t have this in place yet, click the + icon at the end of the columns section and add a File column.

Add column option in

Step 2

Click on a item and go to the PageProof Item view.

If you don’t have this feature added to your board yet, click the add view option at the top right and search for PageProof. Add the PageProof Item View.

PageProof Item View in

Step 3

Click Create Proof and choose the file attachment you want to upload in PageProof.

Create Proof button in

Step 4

The file will be uploaded and you will be taken to the proof setup screen.

Note: The reference field will display the item the file is attached to, but you can change this by clicking the three dots icon.

Reference field in PageProof


  • You can also create an email proof, or website proof from a item.

  • Mirrored file columns are also supported for creating proofs from file attachments for both items and subitems.

Video tutorial

Installing and using the PageProof Item View to create a proof

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