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What is a proof share link?

Each proof has a unique url. If a proof has ‘share link’ turned on, it can easily be shared to others.

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To make your proof more accessible to your team and clients, you can turn on the share link feature for the proof. Anyone with the URL to the proof will be able to view the proof, and if the proof is ‘in proofing’ leave comments and a decision.

Proof share links are useful if you’d like to put the proof URL in tools such as SalesForce, Excel spreadsheets, Slack, Trello boards etc. Or, if you simply would like reviewers to pass the proof on to others easily.

Note: If your plan also includes briefing, the share link feature is available for briefs too.

To turn on the share link for a proof

Step 1

Your team administrator must turn on the share proof links feature for your team under team, then settings.

Team setting for proof link sharing

Step 2

When creating a new proof, ensure share link is turned on. Or as the proof owner, in the manage pane for an existing proof turn share link on.

Manage pane setting for share link

Step 3

You will see a share icon present in the proofing screen. Click the share icon to easily share the proof link with others.

Share for review icon

When should I use a workflow vs a share link?

If you want to restrict access to the proof and control who accesses the proof and when they are invited, you should use a workflow only. The proof is only visible to reviewers in the workflow.

If you would like people to view the proof at any time if they have the proof URL, then turn on share link.

If you would like to control who is invited to the proof and when, and you also want anyone to view the proof if they have the proof URL, use a workflow AND turn on share link.

Note: New versions of the proof will inherit the share link setting and the workflow, however you can edit these in the proof setup screen.

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