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Share a collection with a reviewer
Share a collection with a reviewer

You can share a URL link to a collection of proofs. Those who receive the collection link will see only the proofs they have access to.

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A collection is a group of proofs, and if you need to share a collection with a reviewer after the collection has been sent out, you can.

To share a proof collection with a reviewer

Step 1

Firstly, add the reviewer to the proofs you’d like them to see inside of the collection.

There are 2 options to choose from:

Option 1: Add the reviewer to all the proofs in the collection

When viewing a proof inside the collection, click the collection icon

Collection icon

Click the cog icon to open the manage collection pane and select add reviewer.

The bulk actions available under the manage collection pane

Option 2: Add the reviewer to a selection of proofs in the collection

On your dashboard, on a proof tile that belongs to the collection, click the collection icon and select view collection.

Proof tile showing the menu when the collection icon is clicked

You will then be viewing the collection on the dashboard.

Click the cog icon at the top of the dashboard and select add reviewer. You can then select which proofs in the collection you’d like to add the reviewer to.

Dashboard bulk actions

Both option 1 and option 2 will send an email notification to the reviewer letting them know they have been added to the proofs.

Step 2

If you also want to share a unique URL to the collection, follow these steps.

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