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Install the PageProof item view to your board to see all proofs connected to your item, and create proofs too.

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The PageProof Item View shows all proofs connected to a specific item, along with their status and overview information. A new proof can be created from an item’s file attachment.

To install the PageProof Item View

Step 1

Select an existing item, then click + Add View.

Add view button

Step 2

Search for “PageProof” and click add to item to install the PageProof Item View.

The PageProof Item View

Step 3

Click Settings to set column information in the view, and what column information to be used by default when creating a new proof from an item’s file attachment.

Settings button

PageProof Item View settings


Click the three dots icon beside the tab name to set it as a board default. This means every time you open the item, you will automatically see its proof details.

The PageProof Item view showing proof details

The PageProof item view tab will now be available. If there is an attached file to this item, you’ll be able to create a new proof directly from the item view tab. You can also create a proof of an email, or website URL.

Video tutorial

Installing and using the PageProof Item View

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