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Your address book will be populated with email addresses as you add owners, editors, and reviewers to proofs.
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As you use PageProof to create proofs and invite reviewers to proofs, your address book will auto-populate with these email addresses. When you type into an email field, your address book will suggest matches for you to select.

Suggested email address from the address book

You can add, edit, and remove email addresses from your address book which is found under your profile.

To add and edit your address book of email addresses

Step 1

Click on your avatar to open the main menu.

Step 2

Select profile, then click address book.


  • Use the search icon to find an email address

  • Hover over an email address and select the x to remove it

  • Click into an email address to edit

  • Click the plus icon to add one or more new email addresses at once to your address book.

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