It’s easy to add the PageProof app to your Asana project. Here’s how:

Add the PageProof app to your Asana project

Step 1

Go to Asana and install the app. Follow the set up prompts.
Or, in your project menu bar, click customize.

Note: You'll have to be a Team admin for both Asana and PageProof and must have access to the projects you want to apply the PageProof app to.

Customize button in the Asana project menu bar

Step 2

Click the apps icon.

apps icon in Asana

Step 3

Click add app, then add the PageProof app.

Add app

Step 4

The PageProof app will now be added to your Asana project.

You can create proofs directly from tasks, add an existing proof to a task, and see up-to-date information about the proof’s progress displayed in the PageProof widget on your task like this:

PageProof widget showing proof information

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