It is easy to connect the popular project management tool Asana with PageProof using our native integration so your team can keep track of your proofs in Asana.

With the PageProof app, Asana users can create proofs and reference them to a project as an item to keep your team up to date with progress of approvals.

To get started you need an account in Asana and an account in PageProof.

To connect PageProof and Asana together

Step 1

Turn on the reference field. To do this, click your avatar then Team, then turn on the reference field. Team administrators can do this.

Then click your avatar and select team, then integrations and select the Asana integration.

  • Enable the integration

  • Sign in to Asana as the default Asana user.
    We recommend creating a user called PageProof. When a PageProof user doesn’t have the Asana app connected under their profile, the default user will be seen as who triggered PageProof events in Asana.

  • Choose your Asana workspace.
    Note: this is sometimes called an organization in Asana.

Step 2 (optional)

Ask all team members to connect the Asana app under their profile. This is optional but is helpful to see who triggered PageProof events in Asana.

Step 3

In the proof setup screen, or in the proof’s info pane, click the 3 dots icon next to the reference field and select Asana.

Three dots icon to reveal reference options for Asana,, and Slack

Step 4

Choose the Asana project that you’d like to reference. This will create a new item in the project.

Note: You can also reference an Asana item if you’d prefer.

When the proof changes status during its proofing lifecycle, the item will be updated automatically.

Note: When uploading a new version of a proof, if you do not want to create a new task for the new version, remove the reference to the Asana board and leave the reference to the Asana task.

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