Set up a link column in

Step 1

Add a link column to your item or sub-item. Name this column ‘Proof link’ for example.

Add a link column to your board

Add an integration to keep the link column in sync

Step 1

From your board, click integrate.

Integrate button

Step 2

In the Integrations Centre, search for “PageProof” and choose either item or sub-item ‘keep in sync’ integration card to set up.

PageProof keep in sync integration card for a item

Note: If you already have this integration turned on, skip steps 1 & 2 in this section.

Step 3

Open the integration and click item. recipe to keep the item in sync when a proof references the item on the board

Find the link column you’ve just created and click the blue plus '+' icon to map a PageProof field. Select Proof URL from the drop-down option. Update the Integration.

Now you can click the link in the new column you made when using the desktop app to open the proof.

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