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Automatically update a proof status column
Automatically update a proof status column

Here’s how to automatically update a monday item or sub-item status column to keep track of the proof status.

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If you have set up your integration and reference proofs as items or sub-items, setting up a status column to track the proof’s lifecycle will be beneficial to keep your team in the loop.

To set up a status column to match the proof status

Step 1

Add a status column to your item or sub-item. Name this column any one of the following options:

  • PageProof status

  • PageProof

  • Proof

  • Proof status

Step 2

Ensure all the following labels are added to the status column as options.
Note: These are case-sensitive.

  • New

  • In proofing

  • To-dos requested

  • Awaiting new version

  • Has new version

  • Approved

  • Archived status column for PageProof status

When a proof references an item or sub-item on your board, the status of the proof will automatically populate into the status column.


There are also two integration recipes available to keep an item, and to keep a subitem in sync. These integration recipes allow you to choose what PageProof data you would like to map to your columns on your board. See all integration recipes available here.

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