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Automatically create a proof from using a template
Automatically create a proof from using a template

Here’s how to automatically create a proof from without leaving by using a template.

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You can automatically trigger creating and sending a proof from your board, without leaving Here’s how.

To automatically create and send out a proof from

Step 1

In PageProof, ensure you have a proof template set up. This will allow you to set up which information will be used when creating and sending a proof – for example, the message to reviewers, the owners, the workflow template, proof settings, and more.

Step 2

On your board, make sure you have a files column, and also a status column. In your status column, create a new status called ‘send 1st proof’ for example.


You can also have a due date column, people column, and name column. These can all pass information into creating the proof.

Step 3

Click integrate and use the following template:

Integrate button

Template to use that will automatically create ad send a proof directly from

Step 4

Example of the template set up screen in

Set the following:

  • Status: Select the status column.

  • Something: Select the new status you added in step 2. For example, ‘send 1st proof’.

  • Proof: Map any additional optional detail from your board columns for creating the proof in step 2. For example, the name, due date, or people (who will be added as proof owners) for the proof.

    Setting name, owners, and due date to map to PageProof when creating proofs automatically from

  • Proof template: Select the proof template you set up in step 1.

    Setting which proof template to use in the template

  • Column: Select your files column.

Your template might look something like this:

Example of the template set up screen in

Click add to board.

How to use the template

Add the file you want to proof in your files column, and make sure any other column information is correct – for example, name, due date, and people that you might have mapped to the proof in step 4 – then change the status to ‘send 1st proof’. This will now create and send a proof out directly from

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