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Creating a folder for a collection
Creating a folder for a collection

Folders are used to organize collections. It’s easy to create a folder for a collection, and add or remove collections into a folder.

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You can create folders for your collections – perfect for organizing your collections of proofs. You can either do this directly from your dashboard, or when you’re in a collection.

To create a folder for a collection

Step 1

Click the cog icon to the collection’s manage pane (either do this on the dashboard, or when viewing the collection).

Manage collection cog icon

Step 2

In the manage collection pane, choose folder.

Manage collection pane

Step 3

To create a new folder, type your folder name and click add to folder.

Add to folder button

Or, click the 3 dots icon to choose to add your collection to an existing folder.

If you need to remove a collection from a folder, click remove from folder.

Remove from folder button

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