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Managing a proof collection
Managing a proof collection

As an owner of one or more proofs in a collection, you can manage the collection and perform bulk actions on the proofs within it.

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A collection is a group of proofs that have been created at the same time. You will know when a proof belongs in a collection if you see this icon on the proof screen:

Collection icon

Managing your proofs in a collection

If you are an owner of one or more proofs in the collection, after clicking the collection icon, you will see a cog icon. Click the cog icon to reveal the manage collection pane where you can perform these actions:

  • Edit the collection name

  • Nudge all reviewers who are not yet finished reviewing proofs you own in the collection

  • Add an owner to all the proofs you own in the collection

  • Add a reviewer to all the proofs you own in the collection

  • Replace the approver on all the proofs you own in the collection

  • Archive/reopen a collection folder

If you add an owner or add a reviewer to the proofs you own in the collection, a single email notification will be sent. This is a great way to perform bulk actions on a group of proofs you own.

Note: You can always add new proofs to a collection by clicking the collection folder you want to add to, then using the file uploader to drag & drop a proof/s. You can move an existing proof into a collection too. And, download the original files of proofs in the collection in a single click.

If you want to know how to remove a proof from a collection, check this article for more information.

Tip: When you’re in a collection, use the keyboard shortcut key shift + left and shift + right to move through proofs in the collection. Learn more about shortcut keys.

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