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How to create, organize, and manage your proof collections. Collections are used to group proofs together: by client, by’s up to you.

Collections: creating many proofs at the same timeCreate multiple proofs at the same time (with different deadlines and setup details), and send them out to a single workflow.
Creating a collection of website URLsIt’s easy to create a collection of different URLs. Perfect if you are wanting to create several URL proofs at the same time. Here’s how.
Creating a folder for a collectionFolders are used to organize collections. It’s easy to create a folder for a collection, and add or remove collections into a folder.
Uploading multiple proofsCreating multiple proofs at the same time is quick and easy. Drag and drop multiple files, set a workflow and click send.
Downloading a collectionWith a single click, you can download the original files of all proofs (or just the ones you select) in a collection. Here’s how.
Navigating through proofs in a collectionIt’s easy to navigate through proofs in a collection – either with the navigation in the collection tooltip, or using keyboard shortcuts.
Adding a comment to several proofs at onceYou can bulk add a comment to multiple proofs in a collection in a few clicks. Perfect for global call outs.
Managing a proof collectionAs an owner of one or more proofs in a collection, you can manage the collection and perform bulk actions on the proofs within it.
Archiving a collectionYou can move a collection from current to archived in the manage collection pane. You can archive the proofs inside the collection too.
Restore an archived collection folderFollow these steps to reopen an archived collection. Reopening a collection will move it to the ‘current collections’ list on the dashboard.
Moving an existing proof into a collectionYou can drag and drop an existing proof to move it into a collection on the dashboard. It’s easy, here’s how.
Removing a proof from a collectionEasily remove a proof from a collection (but not delete it) through the collection menu on the proof tile.
Share a collection with a reviewerYou can share a URL link to a collection of proofs. Those who receive the collection link will see only the proofs they have access to.
Sending a link to a collectionNeed to reference a collection folder in an email or in another software tool like Trello, or Asana for example? Copy the url.
Controlling the auto-open of the next proof in a collectionReviewers can control whether the next proof in the collection automatically opens after they leave their decision. Here’s how.