Completing a checklist

Checklists are helpful for guiding your review on a proof. Checklists are communal – multiple reviewers can check off the same item.

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The checklist icon on the proofing screen will appear if you have been asked to complete a checklist during your review.

Viewing a checklist on the proofing screen

Tips for working with a proof checklist

  • The progress bar will show how far through the checklist is from being complete.

  • Click the arrow icon to the left of the group name to expand/collapse the group.

  • To the left of the close icon at the top of the checklist is the open in new window icon. Click this icon to move the checklist to a different screen if you’d like.

  • Items you have checked will display a green check.

  • Items checked by other reviewers will display a grey tick.

  • Hover over an avatar to see who checked off the item and when.

  • If you’re the approver on the proof and the proof owner has made the checklist a requirement before final approval can be given, you must complete the checklist before you can approve the proof.

The checklist will show who has checked an item, and when

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