Creating a checklist

How team administrators can create a checklist template for their team to use when setting up proofs.

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Checklist templates are a great way to ensure compliance when reviewing and approving proofs. You can create a checklist of items to help reviewers – and these items can be arranged into groups.

Team administrators can set up checklist templates. A checklist can then be applied to a proof in the proof setup screen.

The number of checklist templates you can create depends on your PageProof license:

  • Teams: Two checklist templates.

  • Teams Plus: Ten checklist templates.

  • Enterprise: Unlimited checklist templates.

To create a checklist template

Step 1

Click your avatar and select team, then team checklists.

Step 2

Click new template.

Step 3

Give the checklist template a name, and a description if you like.

Creating a checklist template

Set the default settings:

  • Required for final approval: The checklist must be completed (every item checked) before the approver can give final approval on the proof.

  • Open on proof load: The checklist will automatically be displayed when the proof is opened.

Add as many items as you like to the checklist by clicking + add item and then save.

A checklist of items and grouping


  • If you’d like to group several checklist items together into a group, click the convert to group icon and name your group. Then drag items into the group you have just created.

Convert checklist items into a group
  • To add a hyperlink in a checklist item (for example a link to a website or reference asset), link markdown is supported as follows:



    Example checklist item with a link

  • You can archive or delete a checklist template if you no longer need to use it, and you can also duplicate a checklist template.

    Team administrators can archive, duplicate, and delete checklist templates.

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