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Returning a to-do list
Returning a to-do list

As a gatekeeper or approver, if you’d like changes to be made to the proof you need to return a to-do list to the proof owner.

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If you are a gatekeeper or approver on a proof and you’d like changes to be made, return a list of comments marked as red to-dos to the proof owner.

To send a to-do list

Step 1

Open the proof either by clicking the proof tile from your dashboard inbox, or clicking view proof in your email invitation.

Step 2 – optional

If the proof involves other reviewers, if you want to lock the proof to give your final review you can. Locking the proof removes the red pen from other reviewers.

To lock the proof, click the lock icon and select lock.

Unlock icon

Step 3

Mark any existing comments you’d like actioned as to-do (your comments, and other reviewer’s comments that you’d like actioned).

Any new comments you add will automatically marked as a to-do.

Comment marked as a red to-do

Step 4

Click send to do list.

Send to-do list button

The proof owner is notified you’ve returned a to-do list and the proof is auto-archived from your dashboard. You’ll be notified when a new version of the proof is ready for reviewing.

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