There are two options to choose from: 

  • Download the attachment from the comment itself
  • Use the download feature on the proof which gives you the choice to download the original proof file and all/selected comment attachments.

To download an attachment from a comment:

Step 1

Click the attachment file name in the comment and select download.

Or, click view to open the attachment first. When the attachment has displayed on screen, click the download button.

To download an attachment from the proof:

Step 1

Click the download icon when you are viewing a proof.

Step 2

Select the proof and/or any attachments you’d like to download.

Troubleshooting tips:

If an attachment doesn’t display on screen when clicked, there are two possible reasons why.

  • When the reviewer was adding the attachment the browser/tab was closed before it had finished attaching. A message is presented that says changes may be lost if you continue to close the browser, however the reviewer may have still chosen to close their browser/tab.
  • Or, the file they attached to the comment was corrupt in some way.

Reach out to your reviewer and ask them to attach the file again to the comment – you can do this by replying to their comment (even @mention them as well if you like – this will send them an email asking them to look at the reply).

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