ClickUp & PageProof

It’s easy to integrate PageProof with ClickUp so that tasks are automatically updated with proof information, and so much more.

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PageProof & ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management tool that helps keep your team productive. If your team uses ClickUp, PageProof can integrate seamlessly into this tool – your team administrator can set this up by following the installation steps below.

Use the PageProof & ClickUp integration to:

  • Create proofs in PageProof and reference them to an existing ClickUp task.

  • The ClickUp task custom fields are automatically kept in sync with the proof as it moves through its lifecycle. Follow these instructions to set up custom fields.

  • See a proof summary comment in your ClickUp task giving you vital proof information at a glance such as: the current workflow step, count of comments, to-dos, dones, count of decisions, proof status, and more.
    This setting can be controlled under the advanced settings for the PageProof & ClickUp integration.

  • When the proof is given final approval, the approved file can be automatically uploaded directly into the ClickUp task.
    This setting can be controlled under the advanced settings for the PageProof & ClickUp integration.

To install the PageProof & ClickUp integration

Step 1

As the team administrator, click your avatar and select team, then integrations.

Step 2

Select ClickUp, and follow the connection instructions.

ClickUp integration with PageProof

To set up custom fields in ClickUp to match PageProof proof information

Step 1

Add a custom field for the proof status.

  • Custom field type: dropdown

  • Field name: Proof status (alternative name is: PageProof status)

  • Add the following options so that the PageProof proof status will sync with the appropriate label:

    • New

    • In proofing

    • To-dos requested

    • Awaiting new version

    • Has new version

    • Approved

    • Archived

Custom field setup for proof status showing the different options to match each proof status

Step 2

Add a custom field for the proof link.

  • Custom field type: website

  • Field name: Proof link (alternative names are: PageProof link, PageProof URL, Proof URL)

Video tutorial

How to add the PageProof integration to your ClickUp board

To see a demo of how ClickUp & PageProof integrate together, reach out to our team via the in-app chat on your dashboard, or choose a time here.

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