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Update your ClickUp task
Update your ClickUp task

Follow these easy steps to update an existing task in ClickUp with proof information by using Zapier and PageProof together.

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It’s easy to update a task in ClickUp with proof information. Before you begin, ensure PageProof and ClickUp are connected via Zapier.

Create a zap to update a ClickUp task

Step 1

Connect PageProof and ClickUp if you haven’t done so already.

Step 2

In Zapier, select create a zap.

Tip: If you have an existing working Zap for PageProof and ClickUp, duplicate it for ease!

Step 3

Set up your Zap with the triggers you want to achieve in both apps – for example:

  • When your proof is approved, post a task comment in ClickUp

  • When a new proof is created, post a task comment in ClickUp.

PageProof is the trigger, and ClickUp is the action

Step 4

Set up the action in ClickUp. You may follow the example shown below, or you may modify it based on your requirement.

Setting up an action in Zapier

Step 5

Publish your zap.

To test your zap

Open any ClickUp task that you want to connect to your proof and copy the unique ID from the URL:

ClickUp has a unique task ID on the end of the task URL

When creating a brand new proof, in the proof set-up screen paste the unique ID in the reference field.

Pasting the unique task ID into the reference field in PageProof

If you’re connecting an existing proof, click the i icon, then click reference and paste in the unique ID:

In the info pane, click show reference then paste in the unique task ID into the reference field

For any assistance with setting up the PageProof and ClickUp Zapier connection, just reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

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