PageProof users can now send notifications to ClickUp for events such as when a new proof has started, create a list or a task, or even post a comment to a task. Other events you can capture are when a reviewer has made a decision, to-dos are requested, and when a proof is approved, just to mention a few.

If you have not connected PageProof with Zapier yet, follow these instructions on how to get Zapier set up with PageProof.

Connect PageProof with ClickUp

Step 1

In Zapier, click create zap. Or, click create a workflow in the dashboard.

Create a workflow with ClickUp and PageProof

Step 2

If you haven’t connected your ClickUp account yet, follow the prompts and choose a workspace.

Select a ClickUp workspace to connect with Zapier

Step 3

Choose a trigger event. A trigger event is a PageProof event you want to get notified of in ClickUp. Finish the setup.

Selecting a PageProof trigger event in Zapier

Step 4

Select an action event. An action event is the type of event you want to happen in ClickUp.

Selecting an action event

Step 5

Complete the required fields and select all the proof details you want to see.

Fill in the fields you'd like to complete with proof information

Step 6

Publish your Zap.

For any assistance with setting up the PageProof and ClickUp Zapier connection, just reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

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