To create multiple proofs at the same time:

Step 1

Drag and drop, or choose from your computer multiple files that you wish to use the same proof workflow.

Step 2

The shared setup screen will show you the common setup that will be used by all the proofs. 

For example:

  • Add common tags for all proofs e.g a job number, campaign name, or client reference

  • Set whether all proofs can be downloaded or not

  • Assign the due date and time for all proofs

  • Type a message the reviewers (this will go in the email invitation for each proof)

Step 3

If you'd like to alter the setup for an individual proof, click the proof name and you can change the setup for that proof only. 

For example:

  • Set the due date and time for an individual proof

  • Change the message to reviewers for an individual proof

Step 4

Choose create new workflow or a workflow template. This workflow will be used by all proofs.

Step 5

Click send proofs.

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