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Collections: creating many proofs at the same time
Collections: creating many proofs at the same time

Create multiple proofs at the same time (with different deadlines and setup details), and send them out to a single workflow.

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When you have multiple creative materials that are all related and require review and approval, sending them all out for proofing at the same time might be exactly what you need.

Multiple file upload to create multiple proofs

Step 1

On your dashboard, either drag and drop multiple files (they can be of different file types), or click the file dropper icon and select the location of these files and hold the command key down to select multiple files.

Step 2

Shared setup of a proof

Complete the shared setup by:

  • Giving your group of proofs a collection name

  • Adding any additional tags (for example a job number, project name or client name)

  • In reviewers, choose a workflow template to use, or create a new workflow from scratch.

Step 3 (optional)

If you’d like to amend specific details for any of the proofs in the collection, click the file thumbnail

Thumbnail and file name of a new proof

You will be able to amend the following setup details for that proof only:

  • Proof name

  • Tags

  • Due date

  • Download option

When you are finished, click the back to shared setup button and you can send out your collection of proofs.


  • If you want to know how to remove a proof from a collection, check this article for more information.

  • You can also drag a proof to an existing collection just by hovering over the proof tile and dragging it on top of your collection folder, or check this article for step-by-step instructions.

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