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Creating a proof template
Creating a proof template

How team administrators can create a proof template for their team to use when setting up proofs. Boost efficiency with proof templates!

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Proof templates are a great way to boost your team’s efficiency and maintain consistency when proofs are created.

For example:

  • Set what workflow template goes with what checklist template

  • Default a set of tags for a certain project

  • Ensure the right owners are on video creative projects

  • Set what proof settings are applied for a particular customer.

Team administrators can set up proof templates. A proof template can then be applied in the proof setup screen by any team member.

The number of proof templates you can create depends on your PageProof license:

  • Teams: Two proof templates.

  • Teams Plus: Ten proof templates.

  • Enterprise: Unlimited proof templates.

To create a proof template

Step 1

Click your avatar and select team, then team proof templates.

Team menu showing team proof templates

Step 2

Click new template.

Step 3

Give the proof template a name, and a description if you like.

Proof template example with 3 sections: Setup, People, and Checklist

The proof template is then divided into 3 sections where you can set what will be automatically filled into the proof setup screen when the proof template is used.

  1. Setup

  2. People

  3. Checklist


  • Collection

  • Proof name

  • Tags

  • Reference

  • Message to reviewers

  • Download setting

  • Share link setting


  • Workflow

  • Owners


  • Checklist


  • Once your proof template is created, you can view your active and inactive templates.

    Proof template cards

  • To archive, duplicate, or delete a proof template, hover over the proof template card and click the 3 dots icon.

    You can archive, duplicate, or delete a proof template

Popular proof template examples

Here are some popular proof template suggestions:

  • ACME collection:

    • Each time this proof template is used, the collection name will be defaulted, along with the workflow template, and a set of tags.

  • ACME client:

    • Each time this proof template is used, the workflow template will be defaulted, along with a set of owners, the download setting will be off, and the message to reviewers will say “Hi, Two sets of changes are included with the first proof. Please ensure all feedback is given by the due date. Thanks! The fabulous agency team.”

  • Packaging creative:

    • Each time this template is used, the packaging checklist will be defaulted, a set of tags, and the studio manager as an owner.

  • Designer to account manager:

    • Each time this template is used, the agency workflow template will be defaulted, and the account management team set as owners.

If you need any advice on how to set up proof templates, reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

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