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PageProof’s browser extension for website & HTML proofing
PageProof’s browser extension for website & HTML proofing

We explain further the benefits of having the PageProof browser extension installed in Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari.

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PageProof’s browser extension for website & HTML proofing

PageProof has a browser extension available to install that enhances the proofing experience of HTML proofs. The installation of the extension is optional for zipped HTML proofs (such as zipped websites), and HTML email proofs, and HTML web banner proofs (including multiple web banner proofs).

The browser extension enhances the reviewing experience by including:

  • Snapshots to accompany each comment, along with markup

  • Ruler tool to measure elements

  • Performance.

Please note: The browser extension is a requirement for review live website URL proofs. However, if you have installed the PageProof Windows app from the Microsoft app store, the browser extension is not required for reviewing website proofs.

Further information for IT managers

Because the extension takes a screenshot of the HTML content that is embedded inside the PageProof application, the extension requires a wide scope from the browser to take this screenshot.

When you install the PageProof extension, you get presented with the following message seeking your approval:

PageProof browser extension permission message

The message refers to the scope which the PageProof extension has inside the browser once installed. The PageProof extension needs to have access to, and any website which is running inside the PageProof proofing environment. PageProof lets you proof any website content you like, so the extension needs to be able to read any website on the internet.

Rest assured, the PageProof extension will only access websites inside the PageProof proofing screen to take a screenshot that accompanies the comment and markup for the use of proofing.

To learn more on browser requirements and extensions for PageProof, read more here.

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