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Skipping mandatory/gatekeeper reviewers
Skipping mandatory/gatekeeper reviewers

You can skip all mandatory and gatekeeper reviewers in a workflow step – all at once, with one click.

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There may be times when you find that a proof is stuck in its workflow because the mandatory reviewer or gatekeeper hasn’t finished their review. To move the proof along in the workflow, you can either skip the reviewer, or if there is more than one in the same step you can skip all

To skip all the mandatory and gatekeeper reviewers in a step

Step 1

Click the i icon to open the proof’s info pane and scroll down to view the workflow.

Step 2

Click the 3 dots icon and select skip all.

The 3 dots icon next to the decision pill will reveal the workflow actions available. Skip all will skip all users in the current step of the workflow.

An email notification will be sent to all mandatory and gatekeeper reviewers in the current step who have not finished reviewing. The proof will be moved onto the next step enabling your proof to flow through the workflow in a timely manner. 


To skip an individual mandatory or gatekeeper reviewer, click the 3 dots icon next to their email address in the workflow and select skip.

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