Editing a comment

You can edit your comment if the proof is still in progress. If you’re the approver or proof owner, you can edit other people’s comments.

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If you see the 3 dot icon on a comment, you’re able to edit the comment (the text, add/delete the comment’s attachment and change the position of the pin).

To edit a comment

Step 1

Double-click the comment text, or click the 3 dots and select edit.

Edit or delete a comment

Step 2

Make your text edits, add/delete the attachment and/or move the pin position on the proof.

Step 3

Click the tick to save your changes (or use the shortcut key shift+enter or cmd+enter).

Green tick icon to save your edits

Note: To cancel your edit, click the 3 dots and select cancel edit/cancel edit*.
(an asterisk warns that the comment has changes that are not saved).

A guide to who can edit a comment

  • Reviewer: you can edit your own comment during the proof’s review

  • Approver: you can edit any comment on the proof until you send the to-do list or approval

  • Owner: you can edit any comment on the proof until a new version is uploaded, a final approval is given, or the proof is archived.

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