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Agency workflow: preview a proof
Agency workflow: preview a proof

You can preview a proof and send back to-dos, before sending out the approved version to your clients

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Let’s deep dive into an agency’s workflow, where an account manager or project manager who must own the proof, needs to preview the proof before it gets sent out. The account manager will either see changes that must be made by the designer first, or they are happy with the proof and they will complete the proof setup and send the proof out to the client.

Agency workflow: How to preview the proof

Step 1: Designer

Upload a proof for the account manager to preview and check.

Drag and drop the proof file and in the proof setup screen.
Then click owners to add the account manager as the owner of the proof.

add additional proof owners to a proof

Step 2: Account manager

The proof will be in the dashboard outbox. View the proof and either:

A. Return a to-do list:

  • Use the red pen to add comments to the proof, then click the cog icon and select return to-do list.


B. Send the proof out to a workflow:

  • Click the i icon to open the proof’s info pane, and click let’s go to complete the setup of the proof and choose a workflow.

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