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Allow files to be uploaded to

Using the & PageProof integration? You can set up an automation to upload files to when a proof reaches a status.

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With the PageProof and integration, you can set up an automation that uploads the proof’s original file into a file column in when a proof reaches a certain status.

For example: when a proof is approved, upload the proof’s file into the final file column.

Setting up this automation means you can then add further automation to store approved files into your connected digital asset management system.

If you see the below image in, you need to follow the below instructions (step 1 & step 2) to adjust your integration settings: image seen if you need to adjust your file uploading settings in PageProof

Enabling uploading files to

Step 1

As the team administrator, click your avatar and select team, then integrations, and then click the cog icon on the integration card. integration card

Step 2

Enable the allow sending files to setting.

Enable the setting for allow sending files to

Files uploaded to will not be encrypted using PageProof’s triple-layer encryption, but will still be transmitted securely. This setting overrides the proofs can download setting.

Step 3

Add one of the following templates to your board:

Template for when a proof referencing an item reaches a status, upload a file to a column

PageProof template when a proof referencing an item on this board reaches a status, set a column to a status

Choose the proof status and also what file column you’d like the proof’s original file to be downloaded into, then add the template to your board.

Video tutorial

Automatically uploading the final approved file to a files column

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