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I can’t see the proof
I can’t see the proof

If you think you should be seeing the proof but can’t, it might be because of one of these three reasons.

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Can’t see the proof?

Here are some reasons why:

1. Are you on the proof?

Because PageProof is a fully-encrypted review and approval tool, your email address must be on the proof to be able to decrypt the proof and view it in your browser.

2. Is your email address correct?

Is the email address that is on the proof, the email address of your PageProof account? One way to check is to look at the email address in your personal invitation to proof email. Then go to your PageProof profile and check that the email address matches. If it doesn't match, ask the proof owner to add you to the proof using the correct email.

3. Is the proof up to you in the workflow?

If you are on the proof, you may not be able to view the proof yet because it hasn’t reached you in the workflow. As soon as it does reach your workflow step, PageProof will send you your personal invitation notification.

Still unsure? Ask our team using the in-app chat.

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