At a glance, a summary of decisions made on the proof, and the progress of the proof’s workflow can be seen. This information pill will be seen on the proof tile, at the top of the proofing screen, and in the proof’s info pane.

Icons explained

Green thumbs up

Green thumbs up icon

The number of reviewers who have approved the proof.

Red pen

Red pen icon

The number of reviewers who have requested changes on the proof.

Grey question mark

Question mark icon

The number of reviewers who have been invited to proof who have not left a decision yet.

Tip: You can nudge a reviewer, or select nudge all if you click this icon, hover over the reviewer and click the 3 dots icon.

Decision pill showing reviewers who haven't made a decision yet

Workflow progress

Workflow progress icon

How many workflow steps has the proof moved through.

For example:

  • 1/4 = the proof is at step 1 of a 4-step workflow

  • 2/2 = the proof is at step 2 of a 2-step workflow

  • 3/8 = the proof is at step 3 of an 8-step workflow.

The progress circle indicates the percentage of overall reviewers invited so far to review the proof. If the icon is green, the due date has not yet been reached. If the icon is red, the due date has been passed.

Tip: Click the workflow progress icon to see the current step name, step due date (if the step has been given a due date), and the percentage of reviewers invited. You can select skip all here too.

Workflow progress tooltip

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