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Nudge a reviewer to send a reminder
Nudge a reviewer to send a reminder

To keep your proof moving along, you can send a friendly nudge email to a reviewer if they haven’t looked, or finished reviewing your proof.

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A nudge will send a reviewer an email reminding them there’s a proof waiting for them to look at. Kind of like a tap on the shoulder to say “remember my proof?”.

To send a nudge reminder

Step 1

Click the question mark icon on the decision summary pill which looks like this to see who has not finished reviewing:

Decision pill

This is available on the proof tile, at the top of the proofing screen, and in the proof’s info pane.

Step 2

Roll over a reviewer, click the more icon and select nudge.

Decision pill showing reviewers who haven't made a decision yet

Or, roll over the title no decision, click the more icon and select nudge all.

Click the three dots icon to nudge all reviewers who haven't left a decision yet

Or, scroll to the workflow in the proof’s info pane and click the more icon next to the reviewer who has not looked, or finished with the proof and select nudge.

Who can nudge a reviewer?

The proof owner, or reviewer in the workflow with the inviter role.

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