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Creating a proof directly from Airtable
Creating a proof directly from Airtable

Here’s how to create a proof directly from an Airtable record. You can create a proof of a file attachment that exists in Airtable.

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To create a proof from Airtable, ensure you have connected the PageProof & Airtable integration and added the PageProof extension to Airtable.

To create a proof from Airtable

Step 1

Select a record that contains the file attachment you want to proof, and click create proof.

Create proof button in Airtable

Step 2

Confirm if the proof setup data is your table data, or using the defaults from your PageProof profile.

For example: should the due date be populated from the table data, or from the default due date under your PageProof profile? The choice is yours.

Create proof screen in Airtable

Select the file attachment thumbnail and click create proof.

Step 3

Further details can be added in the PageProof proof setup screen, for example select a workflow, a checklist template, and set download settings etc.

Note: The reference field will display the Airtable record.

Reference field in PageProof showing an Airtable record being referenced

Click create proof.

In Airtable, the table columns you have mapped will automatically display proof details such as the status of the proof, version, proof name, and more.

You can also create proofs in PageProof and use the reference field to connect the proof to Airtable. This is useful if you’d like to create website URL proofs, and HTML email proofs.

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