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Advanced options for the PageProof Asana integration
Advanced options for the PageProof Asana integration

Learn more about the advanced setup options available for the PageProof Asana integration. Team admins can control these setup options.

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Team administrators can control advanced setup options for their team’s connected Asana integration.

To access advanced Asana integration options

Click your avatar and select team, then integrations. Then click the cog icon on the Asana integration card.

Asana integration card

Available options

Advanced options for the PageProof & Asana integration

Default Asana user

When a user in PageProof doesn’t have the Asana app enabled under their profile, this default user will be associated with proof actions seen on the Asana task. This user is also used when searching for Asana projects in the reference field when no personal connection is set up.

Asana workspace

A single workspace can be connected with PageProof.

Sync Asana tag with proof status

When the proof status changes during its lifecycle, a tag will be added to the Asana task and kept in sync.

Update Asana approvals status

If your workspace uses Asana Approvals, when a proof referencing the Asana task is given final approval or a to-do list sent, the Asana Approval will be marked as approved or changes please.

Include archived proofs in proofs count

Control whether archived proofs show in proof counts on the Asana task.

Add a task comment for new proof references

Control whether a comment linking to the proof is added to a task each time a proof is referenced.

Upload approved files to tasks

When a proof referencing a task is given final approval, automatically upload its file to the task.

Note: There is a file upload limit of 100MB.

If you have questions about what advanced options are right for your team, reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard, or choose a time here.

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