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Advanced options for the PageProof Airtable integration
Advanced options for the PageProof Airtable integration

Learn more about the advanced setup options available for the PageProof Airtable integration. Team admins can control these setup options.

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Team administrators can control advanced setup options for their team’s connected Airtable integration.

To access advanced Airtable integration options

Click your avatar and select team, then integrations. Then click the cog icon on the Airtable integration card.

The PageProof Airtable integration card

Available options

The PageProof Airtable integration advanced settings

Default Airtable user

The user who has connected the integration. This user must have access to the connected Airtable base/s.

The default Airtable user will be associated with proof actions seen in Airtable. This user is also used when searching for Airtable records in the reference field. It is recommended to set up a user called ‘PageProof’.

Connected Airtable bases

The connected Airtable base/s will be listed here. Hover over a base to disconnect it.

Allow sending files to Airtable

When a proof referencing an Airtable record is given final approval, automatically upload its file to the approved file column in your table.

Create new records for each proof version

When a proof version is created, create a new Airtable record.

If you have questions about what advanced options are right for your team, reach out to us via the in-app chat on your dashboard, or choose a time here.

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