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Custom automations using PageProof &
Custom automations using PageProof &
You can create custom automations in based on a PageProof trigger. E.g to notify board subscribers of a new proof. Learn how.
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Custom automations using PageProof &

PageProof offers two custom automation triggers in so that you create even more powerful workflows for your team.

Available triggers:

  1. When a proof reaches a status

  2. When a proof reaches a workflow step

Some example custom automations:

  • When a proof reaches a status of approved, notify the item subscribers.

  • When a proof reaches a status of to-dos requested, move the item to a different board

  • When a proof reaches a workflow step of marketing team approval, notify in the marketing team slack channel.

To set up an automation

Step 1

On your board click automate.

Step 2

Click create custom automation.

Create a custom automation in

Step 3

Click when this happens and search for the trigger proof reaches status or proof reaches workflow step.

Then set the trigger, for example what status (in proofing, approved, etc), or what workflow step name (legal, marketing team approval, copywriter review etc) will cause the action.

Step 4

Click then do this to define the action you want to happen, then click create automation.

Your automation will look something like this:

An example custom automation that shows when a proof reaches the status of approved then notify item subscribers.

Our team is always available to help and give advice on what you can achieve with and PageProof. Reach out to us any time via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

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