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Setting how many mandatory/gatekeeper decisions are required
Setting how many mandatory/gatekeeper decisions are required

When multiple mandatories or gatekeepers are in the proof’s workflow, you can set how many decisions are required for the proof to move on.

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You can control whether the proof will wait for all mandatory or gatekeeper decisions in a step before moving on, a certain number of decisions, or if only one decision is required. Here’s how:

Setting decision conditions on a workflow step

To set how many decisions are required

Step 1

When your workflow step involves more than one mandatory and/or gatekeeper in the same step, the setting for how many decisions are required will be displayed at the bottom of the workflow step.

A workflow step can have a decision threshold set when there is more than one gatekeeper or mandatory reviewers

Click the underlined text to change the setting.

The following options are available for how many decisions are required:

  • All

  • A number

  • Just one

Unsure who the mandatories or gatekeepers might be?

If you are setting up a workflow template and know how many decisions you require, but do not know who the reviewers will be, you can still set up the conditions for the workflow step.


  • You want 3 x decisions from mandatory reviewers before the proof moves onto the next step, but you only know who two of the reviewers will be.

Here’s how:

Step 1

In the workflow step, ensure you have at least two mandatory (or gatekeeper) reviewers in the step. This is so you can set the conditions for the number of decisions you require.

Ensure at least one reviewer has the inviter permission turned on. This person can add other reviewers into the step.

Step 2

Set the condition to the number of decisions you require – for example to 3.

The condition for the step will now display ‘all (up to 3)’.

The workflow step displaying the number of decisions required as well as the inviter role set for a reviewer to invite others

When a proof is sent out using this workflow template, the reviewer with the inviter permission (in the example above, this is [email protected]) can add the additional reviewers to the step and the step conditions will apply.

If you’d like assistance with setting up the perfect workflow, you can book a time with our team.

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