In the proof setup screen, you can create a new workflow from scratch. A workflow can contain one or more reviewers to review your proof. Different permissions can be assigned too. Before creating your first role, learn about workflows and role permissions here.

Reviewer permissions

To create a new workflow in the proof setup screen

Step 1

In the proof setup screen in the reviewers section, click add reviewers and select new workflow.

Add reviewers in the reviewers section

Step 2

Add as many workflow steps as you would like to your workflow. Then add the reviewers you would like, along with their role permission, into each step – and name the workflow steps if you’d like.

Reviewer role permissions

  • Reviewer: The proof will not wait for a reviewer's decision.

  • Mandatory reviewer: The proof will wait for their decision.
    Note: You can set a workflow step to wait for all mandatory decisions, or just one mandatory decision. Here’s how.

  • Gatekeeper: The proof will wait for their decision. They can also return a to-do list back to the proof owner and prevent the proof from moving forward in the workflow. Or, can approve the proof to move on in the workflow.
    Note: You can set a workflow step to wait for all gatekeeper decisions, or just one gatekeeper decision. Here’s how.

  • Approver: The approver is in the final step. They can return a to-do list back to the proof owner, or give final approver on the proof.

Tip: If you would like to start the workflow from a certain step, you can do that by following these instructions.

Step 3

If you’d like to save the workflow you have just created as a template, click the three dots icon and select save as a new workflow template.

Three dot icon showing save as a new workflow template option

If you have any questions about workflows and how to set up a workflow to match your creative approval process, please reach out to our team via the in-app chat on your dashboard.

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