If you can’t open a website or HTML proof it is possible that your browser’s cookie settings are the cause. Follow the below instructions to add a custom behaviour/exception to your browser’s cookie settings.

To update cookie settings in Chrome

Step 1

Go to Chrome -> preferences -> privacy and security -> cookies and other site data.
Or, go to chrome://settings/cookies.


Step 2

In the customized behaviours section, for sites that can always use cookies click add.

Customized behaviours section in Chrome settings for cookies

Step 3

Enter the site [*.]pageproofusercontent.com and click add.

Adding a site to the customized behaviours for Chrome's browser cookies

To update cookie settings in Firefox

Step 1

Go to Firefox -> preferences -> privacy & security.

Step 2

In the cookies and site data section, click manage exceptions...

Cookies and site data section in Firefox

Step 3

Add https://pageproofusercontent.com and click allow.

Adding a website to the cookies and site data exceptions

Step 4

Click save changes.

Save changes in the cookies and site data exceptions

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