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Reviewer decisions: approved with changes
Reviewer decisions: approved with changes

Team administrators can turn on an additional reviewer decision option – approved with changes, under their team settings. Here’s how.

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By default, reviewers are presented with two decision options when they review proofs: approved, or changes please.

Finished button with approved and changes please options

Team administrators can turn on a third option, approved with changes, for their team’s proofs under their team settings.

Finished button with approved, approved with changes, and changes please options

To turn on the approved with changes decision option

Step 1

As the team administrator, click your avatar and select team then settings.

Step 2

Select the proofs tab and turn on the toggle for approved with changes.

Approved with changes setting under team settings for proofs

Reviewers will be able to leave a decision for approved with changes if there are one or more comments on the proof.

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