Creating private comments

A comment or reply can be created and made private that only you and your team can see. Your team administrator must enable this feature.

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Private comments are available on PageProof Enterprise.

A comment or reply can be made private by team members – a private comment is only visible to members of the team.

Before you begin using private comments, we recommend team administrators visit team members and ensure they are happy with those users listed as part of the team. Team administrators can enable the private comments feature under the team settings for proofs.

Creating a private comment

Step 1

Before clicking the paper plane icon to create a comment, click the eye icon to make the comment private.

A comment that will be visible to everyone on the proof

Step 2

After clicking the paper plane icon to create the comment, the comment will show that it is private. Only team members will be able to see this comment.


  • All replies to a private comment will be private.

  • You can make a reply to a comment private if you like.

  • After a comment or reply has been created, the visibility status can not be changed.

  • Private comments are excluded from the print sheet.

  • Private comments can not be marked for action.

  • Private comments will not be included in overall comment counts.


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