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Importing comments from a PDF
Importing comments from a PDF

If you have a PDF with comments, it’s easy to import the comments and markup onto the proof in PageProof in a couple of clicks.

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If you have a marked-up Adobe Acrobat PDF, it is easy to import the comments and their associated markup onto the proof in just a couple of clicks. Here's how.

Importing comments and markup from an Adobe Acrobat PDF

Step 1

Click the magic tools icon, then select the pdf import icon.

Magic tools icon
The pdf import icon in the magic tools

Step 2

Select the PDF file, or drag and drop the pdf into the Import PDF comments and markup screen.


  • If the same Acrobat PDF file is imported more than once, skipping previously imported comments will ensure the same comments don’t get imported again.

  • The comment status can also be imported and will be set in PageProof as either unmarked, to-do, or done.

  • If your PageProof plan has the private comments feature turned on, you are able to import the comments as private (only visible to your team).

After the import has been completed, you will see a summary of the comments imported. For example:

A summary of the pdf import will be presented showing the total number of comments and the breakdown by status.


  • You can filter the comments by PDF import. Click pdf at the top of the comment pane. You can also filter by commented by person.

    Easily filter comments by imported pdf
  • Details about each imported comment can be seen by clicking the 3 dots icon.

    Click the 3 dots icon to see further detail about the imported comment
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