Do reviewers need accounts?

PageProof is a fully encrypted review and approval platform. Does that mean reviewers need to create accounts? No they don’t.

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Do reviewers need accounts?

When you invite someone to review your proof in PageProof, you simply add a reviewer to your proof by their email address. There’s no need to set up accounts and passwords for your clients.

When your reviewer receives the proof invitation email (which looks similar to this), all they need to do is click the view proof button.

Invitation to proof sample email

We automatically create an account for your reviewer (with a little bit of magic* from us).

*We perform a little magic because it is important that you know who is making comments and approving your work on PageProof, so for that reason we don’t send anonymous links. On every proof you can see exactly who is able to see the proof.

If you do not want to add every reviewer into the workflow, the shared link feature might be for you.

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