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Reviewer status: Not registered
Reviewer status: Not registered

What does it mean when a reviewer’s avatar is white with a dotted outline? What does not registered mean?

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What does ‘not registered’ mean for a reviewer

If you see a white avatar with a dotted line for a reviewer or owner, this means the user hasn’t completed their account activation in PageProof yet.

A non-registered reviewer will look like this in the workflow (take a look at the avatar for [email protected]):

Workflow step showing a reviewer who is not yet registered

Here are some actions to take:

  • Firstly, check that the email address is typed correctly – even the best of us can type too quickly and accidentally add a typo.

  • If the email address is correct, send the reviewer a nudge by clicking the ... icon to the right of their email address. This will prompt them to review the proof.

Note: On occasion, the image of the avatar might be cached by your browser, it will change to a solid avatar after they register but you may need to refresh your browser.

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