You can set your default date, time deadline and message to reviewers under your profile. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click your avatar at the top right of your dashboard and go to Profile.

Step 2

Under Settings, you can change your preferred default date and time and also write your default message to reviewers, which shows every time you send a new proof.

You can also change the default due date and time during set-up of your proof, or after the proof has been sent out (from inside the proof’s info pane). 

Either edit the default due date, or type in a phrase to indicate what you’d like it to be. Here are some phrase examples:

  • “2pm next Tuesday”
  • “Noon on April 5th”
  • “Tomorrow at 5pm”
  • “This Wednesday”
  • “9:05 am on Friday”
  • “4th of Jul”
  • “12 February 2019”

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