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Sharing a workflow template
Sharing a workflow template

Once you have created a workflow template, you can share the template with others so they can use it when creating proofs too.

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As the workflow template owner, you can share your template for others to use. You can also set whether an individual user can edit your original template.

To share a workflow template

Step 1

Open the main menu by clicking your avatar and select workflows.

Step 2 

Open the workflow template and click the shared with tab.

Step 3 

You can share the template with other members of your team to use by setting share with my team to on.

To add an individual user who is outside of your team, or anyone you’d like to allow to edit your template, type their email address in the anyone else? field (you can comma separate email addresses to add multiple people at once).

Set can edit template to on to let an individual user edit the template, else leave it off.

sharing a workflow template

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