Workflow templates are a great way to save your favorite workflows, share them with your team and others to use, and save huge time when creating proofs.

There are three ways to create a workflow template:

Create a workflow: Option 1 – under workflows

Step 1

Click your avatar and in the main menu select workflows.

Main menu showing workflows

Step 2

Click create new workflow and add an approver, then any reviewers along with setting their permissions. Remember, you can add any number of reviewers, and steps to your workflow template.

Name the workflow template to save it.

Create a workflow: Option 2 – during proof setup

Step 1

In the proof setup screen in the reviewers section, click add reviewers and select new workflow.

Add reviewers in the reviewers section

Step 2

Set up your workflow (add your reviewers and an approver) and when you’re ready, click the three dots icon and select save as a new workflow template.

Three dot icon showing save as a new workflow template option

Create a workflow: Option 3 – in the proof’s info pane

Step 1

After a proof has been sent out, click the i icon on the proof tile (or in the proofing screen) to open the proof’s info pane.

Step 2

At the top of the workflow click the 3 dots icon, and select save as a new workflow template.

Save as a new workflow template option in the proof’s info pane

After you have named your template it will be found under your workflows.

To learn more, check out these articles on how to share workflow templates, and understand the different permission roles.

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