As a proof owner, it might not always be you who will be actioning a to-do list – it may be someone else in your team, or perhaps someone who’s outside of your organization – for example a freelancer. In these situations you will want to assign the to-do list to an editor. 

An editor can:

  • View the proof
  • Action the to-dos list: marking comments as done and replying to comments if they need to.
  • Upload a new version of the proof.

To assign a to-do list to an editor:

Step 1

Open the proof and click send to editor.

Step 2

Enter the email address of the editor, and type a message for the editor if you’d like.

Step 3

Click send X to-dos.

If your proof needs additional editors involved, after assigning the to-do list to the first editor, open the proof’s info pane and add the additional email addresses.

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