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Generating a print sheet of comments
Generating a print sheet of comments

If you would like to generate a PDF of a proof and its comments and decisions along the way, or an approval record, you can.

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PageProof can generate a pdf of a proof which you can either print or file away. 

Various options are available when generating a print sheet:

  • A single proof, or all of the proof’s versions

  • Layout

  • Include all comments, or only comments marked as to-dos

  • When printing all versions – proofs with and without comments, cover sheets only, proofs only.

  • Page size: A4 or US Letter

  • For website and HTML proofs, you can group by web page, or device size.

Once the print sheet pdf has been generated, it will automatically download to your computer as a PDF that can be filed away, or printed.

To generate a print sheet

Step 1

Click the print sheet icon on the proof tile from your dashboard, or at the bottom of the proofing screen.

Generate print sheet icon

Step 2

Choose your options for printing and click generate PDF. Here is an example:

Generate print sheet options and layout

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