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Adding a comment to several proofs at once
Adding a comment to several proofs at once

You can bulk add a comment to multiple proofs in a collection in a few clicks. Perfect for global call outs.

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When you are reviewing proofs in a collection, if you find you need to add the same comments to all or several proofs in a collection, you can easily do this in a few clicks.

Collection view of proofs

To add a comment to several proofs at once

Step 1

Open one of the proofs in the collection, and click the collection icon at the bottom of the proofing screen.

Collection icon

Step 2

In the collection view, click the general comment icon.

General comment icon

Note: By default, all the proofs in the collection will be selected, but you can deselect any proofs you do not want the comment to be added to.

Bulk adding a general comment to several proofs at once in a proof collection

Step 3

Type your comment and click the send icon (or use the shortcut key shift+enter or cmd+enter).

Add comment icon
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